Our History

About the Stonington Soccer Tournament

We are a non-profit 7v7 style soccer tournament with the goal of promoting youth soccer, fostering community engagement, and raising funds for the Stonington Girls’ Soccer Team. This tournament is open to teams of players aged U14 down to U9 and is held over the course of one weekend in August. Some of you may remember when the Stonington Soccer Tournament was held back in the 1990s. It was a wonderful tournament that brought so many community members together and provided a memorable experience for the players, parents and spectators. By bringing back the tournament and having a direct fundraising effort, we hope to be able to provide the girls of the SHS soccer team with game warm-ups, additional training jerseys, and uniform replacements that occur more than the current cycle of once every 4 years. We need your help to make this event the best it can be! The Stonington Soccer Tournament is structured as a fun pre-season 7v7 format, with teams playing 4 games throughout the weekend. Medals will be awarded to the first place teams in each age bracket. The tournament aims to foster community engagement by bringing together players, families, and soccer enthusiasts from different communities. The tournament includes food vendors, concessions, apparel, entertainment, and other activities to create a festive atmosphere. For community members wishing to be involved, the tournament offers many volunteer opportunities in both the organization and execution of the event. Volunteers help with field set-up, registration, scorekeeping, and other vital tasks. Overall, a youth non-profit soccer tournament is a fun and engaging way to promote youth soccer, support charitable causes, and bring communities together. The Stonington Soccer Tournament provides opportunities for young athletes to showcase their skills, while also raising funds and getting warmed up for the season ahead.


We are non-profit soccer tournament is a soccer competition with the goal of promoting youth soccer, fostering community engagement, and raising funds for a charitable cause. These tournaments are typically open to teams of players aged 18 years and younger and are often held over a weekend or a series of weekends.